Nepali Music Video filmed from iPhone 5S

By Tv Sansar | Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chahana Timi Mero… FILMED by iPHONE 5S | Mana Slang feat Darshana
*The aerial shots from 0:17-0:28 and from 3:19-3:23 has been captured from Canon 5D mark II.
Singer: Mana Slang ft Darshana Shakya | Lyrics and Music: Mana Slang | Composition: Krishma Shrestha | Music Beats by: F011 Productions | Featuring Actors: Azay Rajbanshi and Pooja Priyanka | Directed by: Manoj Adhikari | Cinematography and Editing: Sabin Gnawali | Additional Cinematographer: Sarun Manandhar (Bardali Films, Nepal) | Aerial Cinematography: Justin Caruana & Palle Lunoe | Camera Assistant: Tiahnn Heusmann | Grip: Devyn Heusmann | Makeup: Priya Thapa & Kuncha Hair

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