Simsime Panima... Re-Make Rekha Shah Nepali Song *HD

By Tv Sansar | Sunday, February 8, 2015
Popular Song SimSime Panima, Jyanle Beman Garchha ki Jindaganima... after 2 decade is back. Now, revealed it's re-make version. Singer Rekha Shah revealed new music video of the song on her birthday.  In the song, singer rekha shah and another singer / model Amir Sheakh seen in sizzling avatar.

the song written and music composed by Rekha Shah, Re-Arranged by Gopal Rasaily, Choreographed by Renasha Rai, Filmed by Nitin Chand & Baburam Nepal, Edit and Directed by Nitin chand under a production of UR Style Entertainment. The music video is made public on you tube by Music Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Enjoy The Music Video.


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