Nepali Full Movie BITEKA PAL | Keki Adhikari, Avinash Gurung, Baboo Bogati

By Tv Sansar | Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Nepali Movie "Biteka Pal" is NOW available to watch online on YouTube. The movie is posted on YouTube by Hilights Nepal. Biteka Pal is based on the story of triangular love story between Numa, Abhi and Rayan.
 The movie is written and directed by Suraj Subba "Nalbo" while Executive Producer is Krish Rizal (USA) Produced by Rajesh Ghatani. Starring Avinash Gurung, Keki Adhikari, Baboo Bogati, BimalaThatal,Gita Ruchal, Akash babu, Indu Subba, Hemraj Baraily, Rajesh Rajak and others.


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