Nepal Earthquake 25 April to 26 May | Short Documentary

By Tv Sansar | Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Nepal Earthquake 2015 a Short Documentary by Chris Davis. The Documentary includes video footage of Earthquake and Full information of during the earthquake in a month April 25 to May 26 (Baisakh 12 to till Jestha 12). Check out the video.

Nepal Rises is a short documentary, highlighting never before seen footage of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. This film brings to light the terrible destruction that resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and displaced millions of people. The aftermath of the destruction was incomprehensible, as entire villages were destroyed; however, one unlikely group of local volunteers stood above the rest to help rebuild Nepal. More Info Here:  nepalrises.com

Brought to you by Effect.org and Katha Haru 

Credits: Director: Chris 
Davis Producer: Casey Allred, Shashank Shrestha 
Assistant Producer: Suyog Shrestha 
Voice Over: Dwain Carver 
Drone Operator: Casey Allred 
Editor: Lindsay Daniels 
Assistant Editors: Rishi Amatya, Chris Davis, Shashank Shrestha 
Translations: Rishi Amatya, Suyog Shrestha 
Camera Operators: Chris Davis, Lindsay Daniels, Casey Allred, Rocky Prajapati, Ashim Pradhananga 
Script Writers: Casey Allred, Shashank Shrestha, Lindsay Daniels, Suyog Shrestha 
Storyboard: Chris Davis, Lindsay Daniels, Ashim Pradhananga 
Music: Chris Zabriskie 
Sound Operators: Casey Allred, Lindsay Daniels, Rocky Prajapait, Ashim Pradhananga 
Visual Graphics: Shashank Shrestha, Chris Davis 

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