Be-careful ! 1st watch this video and Drink Coca-Cola !!!

Posted On 20 June 2015 | By Tv Sansar

With temperatures rising every day cold drinks have become a most demanded material. The cold and sweet taste of it freshen everyone especially in this hot weather. The video shows how our all time favorite Coca-cola is made.

First the bottles come to the company from the bottling company. The bottles are taken to the cleaning unit where they are cleaned, steamed and sanitized to rid them of any dirt and debris. This is done by jet streams and water. Then they pass through an over head convener belt where clamps pick up a bottle, and they are transported from station to station above the room.

 On the other hand the fizzy drinks are being made by adding filtered water, different sugar i.e. glucose and fructose and also a mixture of natural and artificial flavors are added in measured amount. Then the mixture passed through a pressurized machine called the carbonate where the mixture is is carbonated by passing a steam of CO2 through it. Water makes up 86% of the drink.

Then the bottles are brought to the filling machine where nozzle first bucks water out of them and later pumps Coke into them. The bottles then move into the capping machine where they are capped and sealed properly.

Later they are again sent through a machine for labeling. The machine applies glue on the bottle one by one and labels at Stuck on them. Brushes are used to makes sure they stick well. In the video the manufacture of 2 liter Coca-cola is shown and at the end it shows the process where the glass bottles are filled which are almost the same.