Extraordinary Baby Girl; who was born with four arms and four legs

Posted On 20 June 2015 | By Tv Sansar

This story is about an Indian girl Laxmi Tatma. She is about to become the most popular girl in the world. She is extraordinary because she was born with with four arms and four legs. She is worshipped as a goddess in her village. People from all over the world come to worship her. Her mother says that she has a dream about goddess Laxmi before her birth. Goddess Laxmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, she is also known to have multiple hands. People of the village pray to her but doctors say that the limb$ are caused due to a rare condition.

 Doctors do a lot of test on her and they say that the extra limbs are of her parasitic conjoined twin who was not able to separate from her. The Parasitic twin ducked the blood from her body which would result in lack of bl00d in her body. She also was not able to walk or sit properly because of the extra limb$. So her parents decide to take her under the knife so that she can lead a happy life. Her parents say that they would want to see their daughter live like a any other normal girl. They wanted her to go to school and get education and not live such a life. That is why they got ready for the surgery in spite of all the cultural values.

The surgery was very intense and could result in death of Laxmi. But the doctors were able to pull the surgery off successfully. It was a long procedure; her mother was also very scared about the surgery and br0ke into tears. After the surgery was successfully done the parents were very happy. Laxmi had to stay under medical supervision for a long period of time. Sometime later she was able to walk like a normal person and she also goes to school now. Her parents say that they are very happy with how she looks like now.