Producer is a Nepali Movie starring Babu Bogati, Shyam Aryal, Wilson Bikram Rai, Shyam Rai and Sweta Bhattarai. The movie is directed by Janakdeep Parajuli and produced by Rajkumar Rai

Producer is a story about 3 friends Pandey (Babu Bogati), Pappu (Wilson Bikram Rai) and Biplav (Shyam Aryal), and their journey to becoming one of Nepal’s finest film crews. The film is filled with funny as well as some sad moments as the three struggles to find a producer who could make their dream come true. The film is presented by Jyoti Raj Rai, produced by Raj Kumar Rai and directed by Janak Deep Parajuli.

Cast and Crew
Director: Janak Dip Parajuli
Cast: Shyam Aryal, Baboo Bogati, Wilson Bikram Rai (Takme Budo), Sweta Bhattarai, Payal Rayamajhi, Yubaraj Lama
Cinematography: Sagar Pradhan
Story: Kiran Michael
Producer: Rajkumar Rai


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