hot lemon is not good for health

Posted On 31 August 2015 | By Tv Sansar

Most of the people have habit of drinking hot lemon water. And lately this hot lemon water has become a fashion for those who are conscious of their health. The hot lemon water clean stomach, improve digestive system, help to lose weight and also helps to remove various toxic substance from the body preventing the body from many different disease. But experts have warned that hot lemon water may be harmful for health. The dentist had been saying that the acid in lemon is harmful for teeth and destroy the enamel coated on our teeth. According to them it can also cause cavity in teeth and starts to degrade. Advisory professor Dr Damian Walmsley of British Dental Associations said the ore the beverage has got acidic substance the more is harmful for teeth health. According to him mixing the lemon with the water and drinking can affect the teeth. Pointing out that the lemon has mush acids in it he said that drinking it with hot water make it more badly for teeth. The cause of this is that it makes the acid active and increases the rate of degradation of teeth. Though taking hot lemon water is the good medium to get vitamin c in the body and prevent from many possible diseases but then it makes the oral health haphazard. He said that the hot water destroy the enamel of the teeth which means it cause teeth erosion which slowly make the teeth weak and appear to be blackish in color. He has suggested to use pipe to drink the lemon water making possible to not let the juice touch your teeth rather drinking from the cup or glass. If you want to drink from the cup or glass then you can take a sip at a time and continue like that.