Fastest 100m on a skateboard by a DOG!

By karan shrestha | Thursday, August 27, 2015
Have you ever seen animal skating any where? Have you amazing the animal also skating faster and safely? Many creature haves different nature and quality which have sauterne capacity too. But among them few creature have amazing behavior or intelligence. Here is a dog which records his name in Guinness world recorded book by Skateboarding fastest 100 meters on a skateboard before six year.

Tillman is famous for taking out the fastest 100m on a Skateboard by a dog. According to the Tillman’s owner Ron Davis, the little Timllman was loved of skateboarding began at just 8 weeks old. There are several Skateboarding dogs who can skateboard but the Tillman is a super fast skateboarding dog which can skate very fast and record his name in glorious book. It is a really amazing and genius also where the dog skating very fairly and fastest too. This video about the extra intellectual capacity of Tillman’s which is rarely found in world.