Horrifying moment mother swallowed by escalator in china

By Tv Sansar | Saturday, August 1, 2015
The video relates to a horrifying incident that has happened at Chinese department store. A mother throws her son to the safety but she could not save herself from falling into the escalator that took her life. The video contains the graphic content for the mother could not save herself while saving her baby and fell into the escalator when floor plate gave way. She threw her baby as she dangled over the shaft.
The staff at the department store tried to save the woman but she could not. Maintenance workers blamed for failing to screw the plate back into place. The mother of one could not save herself and took her last breath after she fell into the escalator at a shopping mall in China after she threw her toddler to the safety.
 Xiang Liujuan was seen in the video footage, travelling up the escalator at Anliang department store in Jingzhou, in the central province of Hubei, with her two-year-old son. When the pair reached to the top, the floor plate gave way and the woman fell through the floor. The CCTV footage has shown very meticulously how the woman has fallen through the floor. Before falling to the death the woman was able to throw her baby towards the mall staff. The baby was then dragged by one of the staffs to the safety.