Robots can do these works,Watch amazing images

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2015 By Tv Sansar
In Jinhua of Zhejiang Province of China, couple robots Siaolin and Siaotao serve food and clean plates in a restaurant. Farmer living in the outskirts of Beijing Wu Yulu has prepared a robot to pull the rickshaw. It easily helps him to fix the road. After the joint study of Tokyo University and Japan’s Public Research Organization, a human shaped robot was invented which can walk by carrying weight up to 30 kg. In a restaurant at a city in China, robots are used. 

Here robot cook food while their boss only monitors them. A robot of Honda of Brussels served drinks by putting it in cups during a presentation. In one restaurant of China, robots are used even to serve food to the customers. During a presentation in Tokyo University a robot stunned the people by cleaning dirt dishes. A robot named ‘RoboB-2’ from Kyoto city is an expert at buying groceries from the store.


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