Robots can do these works,Watch amazing images

By karan shrestha | Thursday, August 27, 2015
In Jinhua of Zhejiang Province of China, couple robots Siaolin and Siaotao serve food and clean plates in a restaurant. Farmer living in the outskirts of Beijing Wu Yulu has prepared a robot to pull the rickshaw. It easily helps him to fix the road. After the joint study of Tokyo University and Japan’s Public Research Organization, a human shaped robot was invented which can walk by carrying weight up to 30 kg. In a restaurant at a city in China, robots are used. 

Here robot cook food while their boss only monitors them. A robot of Honda of Brussels served drinks by putting it in cups during a presentation. In one restaurant of China, robots are used even to serve food to the customers. During a presentation in Tokyo University a robot stunned the people by cleaning dirt dishes. A robot named ‘RoboB-2’ from Kyoto city is an expert at buying groceries from the store.


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