OMG! The Female Cat seen on 20 minutes long flights

Posted On 23 October 2015 | By Tv Sansar

Cats are usually known to get themselves in trouble. They climb at very high places which might be trees or almost anything and later get stuck. They cannot get down and later start mewing for help. It is kind of annoying and quiet sad in many ways. But the cat in the video is a very brave cat. It takes a flight with its owners that too without any seat belt. The two people are taking a flight and are enjoying it nervously. Then suddenly a cat appears on the side. The cat looks horrified since he is at such height and that too moving in such speed. He is devastated and holds on to a grill on the plane.

On the other hand the two people have no idea the cat is there. They are just enjoying themselves. The man later sees the cat but does not react to it. He starts informing the girl about the cat but she does not get it. After few minutes the girl saw the cat and she gets shocked. Instead of catching the terrified cat they just look at it and wait for the plane to land.

The cat is seen holding on to something and is totally terrified. It is not even safe, just losing a little grip can take the poor creatures life. The cat is frightened and all its fur is flying in air. The plane finally lands and the man tries to take the cat down but it is so terrified that it runs away. The video is a warning to all people that before flying plane they should look weather there is an animal or not. Or it could simply result in death of the creature.