Greater Nepal - In Quest Of Boundary, a Documentary Film by Manoj Pandit

By Tv Sansar | Monday, November 2, 2015
Nepal, the country with its Historic Value is now smaller than it was before. The land of our Country is slowly adopted by India, still continues in the boarder but the government is silent. We Nepali should be aware of this, if we loose Nepal then we are no more Nepalese. This Documentary shows the reality of the Original Nepal and how it came to small Nepal today. Please watch this video as a Gorkhali not only as an entertainment Purpose.

The Subtitle is included in the Video for those who don’t understand Nepali Language.

Video Description on You Tube :
Greater Nepal In Quest Of Boundary is a Documentary by Manoj Pandit who has also directed many other burning issue movies like Dasdhunga, Badhshala etc. This Documentary reveals the fact about Greater Nepal which still legally belongs to Nepal but illegally occupied by india. Greater Nepal has extended territory which belongs to Nepal and only Nepal.

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