BALTHALI: The Most Beautiful Village Near Kathmandu

Posted On 15 December 2018 | By Tv Sansar
Balthali village to the east of Kathmandu. As a tourist destination, the village may not be as popular as Nagarkot and Dhulikhel, but it’s got all the things that a peaceful getaway destination must have: a laid-back vibe, great mountain views, lush green hills, beautiful terraced fields, rivers, scenic hiking trails, etc. It’s not long before travelers start flocking to this village.

Balthali Village starts in a small village which is a small sleepy settlement which rests at the junction of Roshi and Ladku Khola River. Balthali Village stands on a plateau which is just beyond Khopasi, 40km away from Kathmandu. The area surrounding the Balthali Retreat is thickly forested with luxuriant floras, colorful rhododendron, magnolia and Sal trees cover the hill that undulates and opens out to terrace fields.

The trek in the pure village like this has a pleasant feeling and worth for knowing the village culture and also we can promote Village Tourism of Nepal. After dusk a myriad of flickering lights below the valley of Balthali Village comes alive. Nature lovers and bird watchers can spend days exploring and discovering some exceptional species of wildlife, tradition and culture untouched by modernity.

This ‘off the beaten location’ has endless trials leading to some ethnic tribes thus, offering excellent short hikes and mountain biking on the easy trials. Many of the sacred and ancient temples and monasteries such as Namobuddha, Indreshwar Mahadev, Brahmayani Temples are located in this region and still needs to be discovered and unveil its mysterious past.

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